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What I Do

Full Stack Development

Building digital platforms from scratch, tailored to fit your business needs & exceed your expectations

Process & Engagement

Specializing in Infrastructure, Software, and Platform as a Service solutions, L'atelier provides tailored, scalable cloud-based frameworks that support business growth & operational efficiency

Process & Engagement
Consulting + Brand Development

Forge your brand’s identity with strategic insight & creative flair that cuts through the digital noise.

Process & Engagement
Honourable Mentions

Partnerships and Innovations

Explore our key partnerships and innovations by interacting with the sections below.

Industry Leader Endorsement

A glowing recommendation from Rising Tide Consultants, praising the Centreel application developed by 152 Tech for its unparalleled compliance features in the cannabis industry.

Commission L'atelier

Ironwood Transaction

On December 13, 2019, Ironwood Capital Corp. announced a proposed qualifying transaction with 152 Tech Solutions. This partnership aimed to leverage strategic synergies and enhance market offerings in technology solutions.

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Cannabis Retail Innovation

Featured in an article, showcasing a dispensary using Shaun's co-founded technology to enhance user experience and ensure compliance in the budding new sector.

Commission L'atelier

VentureLabs Company Spotlight

This spotlight by SFU VentureLabs highlights how 152 Tech, co-founded by Shaun Saini, is creating smart retail solutions that streamline operations and safeguard data, all under one roof.

Commission L'atelier

Recognition by Ready 2 Rocket Association

This spotlight by Ready 2 Rocket Association recognized how 152 Tech, co-founded by Shaun Saini, is innovating smart retail solutions.

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My Approach

How I Got Here, What I Believe In



From dropping out of marketing school

To navigating the ups and downs of running 'Healthfare'(a family run QSR), my path wasn’t straightforward but always forward.

Each twist & turn only solidified my resolve to create meaningful solutions.


How managing a family-run QSR led me to uncover the gaps in current tech solutions,

Sparking my journey into tech development.

This experience illuminated the pressing need for more intuitive systems that could seamlessly integrate into everyday business operations.

Realization and Growth

Building Centreel was just the beginning @152tech

My journey continues as I explore new ways to blend technology with practical business needs.

Every new project and collaboration is an opportunity to refine & reimagine the tools we use to drive business forward.


Early Adoption

The early bird gets the worm

Embrace cutting-edge solutions now, before traditional systems drag you down.

Especially with Cloud. Here’s why employing adoption strategies are crucial for retail.

Avoiding TPSS Pitfalls

Learn from the past

Traditional third-party software services can be a trap that's best avoided.

Avoid the high costs of legacy systems. Invest in cloud solutions that scale with your needs without breaking the bank.

Future-Proofing Retail

Staying ahead of the curve

Means adapting now. I’ll show you how embracing the cloud can safeguard your business against future challenges.

Outpace competitors with superior technology that adapts quickly to market changes and consumer demands.


Cloud and Cybersecurity Expertise

Proven skills in cutting-edge cloud technologies and cybersecurity, validated by industry-recognized certifications.

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Customize Costs, Maximize Efficiency

Collaborating Only When Savings Are Guaranteed

Invest $300 in a comprehensive tech audit and discover potential savings

Refundable if we don't find value.

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Customized Solutions

Receive a bespoke pricing plan.

Designed to cut your technology & processing expenses by at least 30%.

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Transparent Service Agreement

Post-audit discussions lead to a detailed service agreement.

Where our mutual commitments, timelines, and expected outcomes are detailed.

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Pre-Packaged Solutions

Automate and Thrive

Restaurant Automation


  • Boost Revenue & Regulars
  • Enhance Reviews & Customer Experience
  • Advanced Data Collection to Build Loyalty and Brand Reputation
Hair Salon Automation


  • Boost Show Up Rates & Efficiency
  • Enhance Reviews & Customer Experience
  • Advanced Data Collection to Build Loyalty and Brand Reputation
Art-Gallery Automation


  • Boost Show Up Rates & Efficiency
  • Enhance Reviews & Customer Experience
  • Advanced Data Collection to Build Loyalty
From Previous Commissions

Thoughts From Clients & Collaborators

Centreel developed by Shaun/152 was one of the best in market, making it easy to train employees, maintain inventory, & track statistics. Communication is a character that I highly put an emphasis on. With Centreel, there has never been a case of miscommunication because their representatives are always ready to take your call & resolve any issues that you may be experiencing. Without a doubt, I would recommend Shaun for your IT/development needs.

Lali Toor

Kushi Cannabis

I feel that they are always there for us when we need them. In this new and ever-growing industry there is a need for people that care about their customers. Definitely recommend them to other businesses.

Arpit Kapila

Eco Green Leaf Bar

Shaun came to Tumbler Ridge to pitch their POS System to us. Shaun called and I told him he would be wasting his time because I was not going to switch but, he insisted on just 15 minutes of my time. I figured if he was willing to come this far I would take the time to listen. I am so happy that I did. I was so impressed with his passion and with their vision that I jumped at the chance to become a client.

Christine Vanderburgt

Ridge Cannabis & KC Dollar Store


Startup Ventures to Tech Innovations That Redefine Standards.

Explore our innovations by scrolling right ➡️

The Seamless Sales & Reconciliation Interface

L'atelier's hassle-free solution simplifies sales tracking and addresses discrepancies with precision, delivering an elevated experience for your business and customers.

Commission L'atelier

Revolutionizing Retail Inventory

Streamlined inventory solution that saves time and reduces errors with intuitive one-click upload and precision scanning technology.

Commission L'atelier

Pani: Nourishing Roots, Flowing Futures

Pani partners with Silver Sparrow Springs to deliver impactful water solutions, dedicating profits to safe water access for indigenous communities and sustainable agricultural initiatives.

Commission L'atelier

Seamless Hardware Integration

Combines cutting-edge hardware with bespoke software solutions, ensuring every system enhances your retail experience from setup to success.

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Thoughts & Musings


Riding the Cloud: Retailers, Your Magic Carpet Awaits! 🌥️

Unleash the magic of ☁️ technology in your retail landscape. Step into a world where operational excellence, cost-efficiency, and superior customer experiences are the norm, not the exception. ☁️🚀#CloudMagic #RetailRevolution #DigitalDetour #OperationalExcellence #CustomerCentricity #TechTransformation

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Streaming's New Era: Adaptation and Balance in Digital Media Consumption

Uncover how shifts in consumer behaviour, privacy concerns, and new regulations like 🇨🇦's Bill C-11 are reshaping the landscape of on-demand entertainment. Dive into the intricacies of balancing personalized content with digital privacy. Don't miss out on understanding the future of media consumption.#StreamingEvolution #DigitalMedia #PrivacyMatters #ConsumerTrends #BillC11 #StreamingFuture

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From Big Macs to Big Tech: How Flipping the Switch on Automation and Cloud Tech is a Slam Dunk for Business Longevity

Explore how McDonald's automated venture in hashtag#Texas unveils the power of embracing automation and cloud tech for businesses big or small. Dive into a future where technology is not just a game-changer, but a survival requisite.#Automation #CloudTechnology #FutureOfWork#BusinessInnovation #TechTide #UBI

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